Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I am so proud of myself...I did it!

I know you are probably expecting something BIG, something HUGE, like graduating from college, or landing an awesome job. NOPE. But to is HUGE.

I have had OCD my entire life. As long as I can remember, little things really bug me. I have to have things perfect. All the time. Sometimes it makes me CRAZY. I have chosen to deal with it, rather than take medications. Sometimes, I wonder if taking medication would be better.

And then, I do something like I did today...proving to myself, I CAN do this. I can LIVE a life being obsessive and compulsive.

When I throw a party, shower, dinner, which I often do, and LOVE to is amazing. (if I do say so myself) The food, the dishes, the decor, everything perfect, and in its place. I spend a great deal of time, and sleepless nights thinking of how I can make the occasion perfect in every way.

Well, let me explain how this instance went down:

It started with my 9 year old saying, "Mom, I want to throw Ava a surprise birthday party for her friends."

Mom: "We can have Ava a surprise birthday party, and you can help."

Lexi: "Mom, I want to do the party all by myself."

Mom: "You can't do it alone...I will help you!"

Lexi: "Mom, let ME do it. I want to do this for my little sister."

I am not sure if I was having a weak moment or what, but the next thing I know plans are being made by my daughter and her friend to have a surprise party for Ava.

Games, decorations, invitations. The whole deal.

I thought to myself, surely this is NOT going to happen. Oh No. I was totally and completely wrong.

As she showed me the handmade invitations on a recipe card, I cringed. She had worked so hard, and told me she used her BEST handwriting. I told her I would buy invitations. No, she wanted to do them.

This was all wrong. This is NOT how I do things. My gut hurt inside as she delivered each and every one of the invitations to our neighbors. I couldn't sleep thinking of how horrible this was going to be. I was so tempted to call each mother and explain what was happening, and why. I didn't.

As the day approached, she started to make decorations (clip art from the tangled movie). It was a princess party. Everyone invited was to wear a princess dress.

The games were a candy walk--like a cake walk, only candy was given out if you landed on the number drawn when the music (songs from the tangled soundtrack) stopped.

They also played Princess, Princess, Frog (duck, duck, goose).

They had an "art center", where the girls created their princess masterpieces with crayons, and tangled stickers.

They did each girls hair in braids, and put flowers in them (just like the movie!)

They had pink princess cupcakes, and a goodie bag with all kinds of princess things inside.

I can't believe I did it...I let her do it.

Did it come without pain and stress? Nope!

Was it worth it? Absolutely!

To see the smile on BOTH of their faces as Ava walked up the stairs to a room full of friends, totally surprised!

These are the handmade decorations. Not even cut out straight...taped onto card stock.

They were hung all over the walls, fireplace, and entertainment center. I believe there were even a couple on the front door!
(you can see them on the wall, and entertainment center door...not even hung straight...uuugggg)

Eating Cupcakes and ice cream

Drawing- at the "Art Center"

Their beautiful hair...just like Rapuzel.

Opening presents!

Playing Princess, Princess, Frog!

I did it! I really can't believe it, BUT I am SO happy I let her do this!!

That night, as I was getting them both ready for bed, I saw Ava give Lexi a big hug and say, "Lexi, thank you so much for my fun party!"

All the heart ache this silly party had caused me was gone. My heart was happy now...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hiking the "Y"

Last conference weekend we decided to make a memory. Our family had never hiked the Y mountain, and we live so close. The weather was perfect. We packed a backpack with water and snacks, and not knowing what to expect, or if all, or none of the kids would make it all the way...we set for the top!

Ava was a little "trooper" never complaining about the hike... These two, on the other hand, would ask the common question of "how much longer???"

Ava and her "special" daddy

Taking a break...

We are here!!
All of us!!!
What an amazing view of the city!

The Temple

I was so proud of them all. It was not an easy hike, and they all did it! It has become my favorite type of exercise. I have hiked it 2-3 times a week since:)

Feeding the Ducks

This is a perfectly good reason why not to throw out old, stale,and possibly moldy bread.

It can be at least one hour of entertainment !

Feeding the ducks with cousins, grandma, and aunts!

Ice Cream on Main Street

It has become just as much of a tradition as Disneyland itself...we can go home without stopping at the yummy smelling (and tasting) ice cream parlor on main street!

Of course it has to be a Waffle cone dipped in chocolate AND sprinkles!

Newport Beach

We have found the the kids love the beach almost as much as Disneyland. Jordan is getting really good on a Boogie Board!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Disneyland ** September 2010

This is our most favorite place on of our best friends is Mickey!

This time, Ava has a new favorite ride....can you guess...

The Matterhorn!! She was so proud that she was tall enough to ride a "BIG" ride with the rest of us.

Playing in Toontown

Riding the train

It's a small world with dad

It's a small world...looks like Lexi has been on this ride one too many times...
Thunder Mountain Railroad
Ava's "new" favorite ride
Jordan driving the jeep on Indiana Jones

Playing with our Souvenirs
The Tiki Room

Our favorite treat while waiting for the Tiki Room is a Dole Pineapple Whip...they are the BEST!

Ava and her whip!
Meeting Aladdin and Jasmine
Riding Mr. Toad with our backyard neighbors. We happen to run into them while on this trip!
Riding the Monorail
Halloween is such a fun time to be in Disney (wait a minute...when is it not fun??)

Toys for Sale
Ava and Woody!
Riding Flicks Ride
Riding Flicks Ride
Bug's Life
Bug's Life
Small World with our friends and neighbor's
Pirates with the neighbors!
Snow White
Ava's "OLD" but still one of her favorite rides!
Playing with the California letters....they happened to be gone on our last trip!

Waiting for the park to open
Walking to the park!
My little minnie!
She will regret this someday..

So will she...
Lego shop with Woody
The Giraffe...all made out of lego's